Private Party

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J.Sam's is a great location for your next private party or event.
No matter the size of your guest list, owner, J.Sam Daniels will work with you to customize every aspect of your event, including menu and bar preferences.
No room rental fee!
LIVE MUSIC every Thursdays and Saturday night!
J.Sam's Private Party Menu Choices
 [18 to 30 per person]

♦ Beef tenderloin sweet potato and ginger hash.
♦ Individual Lamb Chops white bean ragout, sauce romesco.
♦ Duck Mousse crostini, port wine glaze, pomegranate.
♦ Cured Salmon tart shells, créme fraiche, micro arugula.
♦ Tuna Pastrami crisped proscuitto.
♦ Chilled Pickled Shrimp peel and eats, dipping sauce.
♦ Hanger Steak sweet potato hash, herb and red wine marinade.
♦ Marinated Veg crudite.
♦ Meatballs gravy; white or red.
♦ Ceviche in season fish or shell fish, chili pepper and citrus.
♦ Shrimp Cakes
♦ Mini Crab Cakes.
♦ Lobster/Pimento Grilled Cheese pickled pepper, Creole remoulade.
♦ Pork Tenderloin on Crostini tomato confit jam.
♦ Smoked Duck Quesadilla.
♦ Cheese Stuffed Dates with Proscuitto.
♦ Chips and Salsa.
♦ Crostini with Sundried Tomato Jam.
♦ Lobster Avocado Cups.
* menu subject to change*